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We are fully sure that our method will allow hitting precisely to proper target – it means to employ more workers and coworkers, gain new clients and promote your company very effectively.

Our campaigns will allow you to:

  • effectively reach mobile devices used by TRUCK DRIVERS, who has a rest on the parking lots and other places all over Europe
  • broadcast your advert at the biggest parking lots and other desired places, based upon GPS coordinates (in a radius of 1 km), at your disposal
  • choose from the suggested locations, according to your own preferences and needs
  • be present in truck drivers minds, as a trustworthy and reliable employer and coworker
  • adjust the proper parameters of your target audience based on their demographics, interests and profession
  • increase the target traffic on your website
  • promote your company in the truck world
  • quickly and strikingly present your offerings to truck companies
  1. Using advanced programmes that improve the effectiveness of Facebook campaigns, we will design ads and achieve your advertising goals, providing end-to-end services.
  2. We will enable you to precisely geotarget the trade show area according to GPS coordinates (with a minimum radius of 1 km).
  3. We will adjust the parameters of your target audience based on their demographics and interests.
  4. We will run short campaigns – just for the duration of the fair.
  5. You decide how much you want to spend and what goal you want to achieve.
  6. We will ensure that your project is highly cost-effective.
  7. Only the effects count. You pay for the number of times your ad is viewed during the fair. 8. We will prepare graphic designs that are in line with Facebook requirements.
  8. We will run your ads in the Facebook news feed in accordance with the budget planned.
  9. After the campaign has been completed, we will bill you on the basis of original FB reports.
  10. Upon request, we will send you the screenshots of your ads as they are displayed in the news feed.